Black Women Are Being Murdered and Nobody Cares: Remember That This Election Season

follow the Our Lives Matter page on Facebook. The woman who runs the page, Rosa Perreira, is keeping track of the number of Black women and girls that were murdered this year. At last count, the number was 795 (November). That’s 795 Black women and girls who lost their lives mostly due to male intra-community violence. To break that down even further, 795 Black women and girls have had their lives ended mostly by the hands of Black men.

Most people will never know this, however. And they’ll never know because somewhere in the mid-2010s, society’s collective consciousness was bullied into believing it’s more of a crime (at least socially) to address sex-based differences, including violence and oppression against women. Society chose to pretend that men could be women and in doing so, turned women’s rights issues into human rights issues. Abortion rights are no longer a women’s rights issue because “women have penises too” and healthcare disparities became “not only women get pregnant.” Meanwhile, Black women and girls died in the several hundreds but society chose to focus on less than 25 individuals instead.

This spilled over into politics, as we watched our beloved 44th POTUS opine that males should be able to access women’s spaces if that’s what they felt on the inside. Now, every politician looking for a vote has decided that the less than 25 were worth far more than the hundreds of Black women and girls who experience life-ending violence year after year. They decided that our deaths were not an epidemic but the less than 25 are. They decided to build this premise into their platforms while we continue to have to fight, both mentally and physically for who we are as women.

The more telling part is that the perpetrators of violence against the less than 25, are the same ones who perpetrate violence against Black women and girls. And sometimes, members of that group are perpetrating violence against us, Black women, too. Yet, only their blood seems to matter and to speak about the stark differences and underlying reasons is sin.

Well, election season is here once again. We’ve seen several Democratic candidates broach the topic of violence against a smaller segment with smaller numbers while they basically talk about Black women in reference to how much they need our votes in order to win.

I think a time-out is in order.

I don’t generally embrace political labels but in my writings, I call myself a Centrist. I’m also adamant that candidates that are too far right or too far left are unfeasible choices for public office. Now, I must state that any candidate that even implies that the TRUE epidemic of the murder of Black women and girls is not a problem; either by their silence or choosing to highlight the less than 25 instead, is a non-starter.

“We must make sure not to get lost in other hot button political issues that would serve only to use us to influence their agenda as it relates to numbers,” says Ms. Perreira. She suggests not giving our support to elected officials, even at the local level, who are not willing to put a serious focus on us. “The data speaks for itself,” she notes.

We have the ADOS movement, the #MeToo movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, the Immigrant Rights movement…when do we, as Black women, stand up and refuse to be tossed to the side? When do we start a movement about us and for us only?

In this campaign season, I’d like all Black women of voting age to think about the women and girls who have lost their lives to senseless violence and the many more who have been subjected to sexual abuse and other types of violence and decide that any candidate who is not willing to wholly and truthfully address our plight, doesn’t get to reap the benefit of us putting them in office. If they need our votes so much, make them prove it.


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Why Not a Driver’s License? My Thoughts On The Changing (and Disturbing) Metrics of Cool

A FBF of mine sent me screenshots of a heated argument about “gender fluidity” a couple of weeks ago. In it, there was a young lady who called herself a man and was quite adamant that her rights were at stake should one of the many “bathroom bills” be passed by her local government. I visited her page. She noted that her pronouns are female (she/her). On one of her pics, she was modeling her new bikini. She had a post about acrylic nail designs. She received lots of positive responses to her post.

Maybe three days later, I was asked to share a GFM thread (I never do, BTW). I read the person’s narrative. It was full of buzzwords. This person needed donations because “capitalism” and some kind of “antagonism” had conspired to make them unemployed and as a somethingqueer person, they already knew that finding another job was going to be a task that would “trigger” their mental illness and cause them much “trauma.”

Three weeks ago, I was sent a link to what seemed like a GFM festival with at least 300 people asking for donations for anything from rent to groceries, to tuition. Because I notice trends, it didn’t escape me that every other person had some kind of mental illness, felt that work is a curse, or was…let’s say nonplussed…in regards to their identity/sexuality.

I haven’t missed the fact that a number of real issues have started to be used for attention and personal fundraising. Somewhere, in the midst of the revolution, people have learned how to game the system; ironically just like they claim the 1% takes advantage of them through capitalism. It’s interesting to watch a person become a mentally fatigued, battered, quadri-sexual, single motherfather™ with bunions and only a can of tuna in the pantry when they need to come up with a few hundred bucks. Surprisingly though, a mere 48 hours before, they were just Brad.


I understand the hustle. Financially, asking for money you didn’t earn is a crapshoot so you have to make the best plea possible to get as much as you can; especially from strangers. Those who make up complex personas on the internet strictly for “likes” and friends are running a similar hustle. I mean, who’s going to “like” or follow you if you’re just who you are and live a typical life? That will never get you invited to the party, right?

For all my understanding of the game, I think it’s a little sick. There are people who have been diagnosed with terrible mental and physical illnesses. They are struggling, not because they don’t feel like waking up before 10 in the morning but because they have physiological aberrations that hinder them. Feeling bummed that you can’t eat at Chili’s this week or your boss won’t let you take Friday off doesn’t justify you telling everyone that you “struggle with depression” or are “oppressed” and trying to make people feel sorry enough for you to open their wallets.


Being a woman and preferring pants and football or being a man who has an affinity for wigs and makeup, doesn’t make you “gender fluid”, trans, queer or any of the other identities that people battle with internally and externally every single day. You are not Ricky Vasquez (look it up). This is real life and real life is not about who you can con into letting you sit at the cool kids’ table for the 12 hours a day you’re on the internet.

Your parents telling you that if you’re going to live in their house, you need to keep your room clean isn’t the same as you living in an “abusive” household. Trying to get empathy (and/or cash) from people with that lie when there are people who are really in abusive households and can’t go anywhere, is quite distasteful.


Being cool used to be about having a driver’s license, owning the newest gadget or possessing some remarkable talent. The fact that 20 and 30-somethings are feigning illnesses, abuse, dysphorias, and all other manners of dilemma in order to make up for the fact that they weren’t part of the “in” crowd in high school is rather macabre.

Ricky 2.gif
I know it’s fun to ride the wave, especially for the more insecure of us; but while you’re riding the wave, you may be treading on someone who doesn’t have the option to jump off the erratic jet ski like you do. If you want to collect e-friends or dollars, that’s your choice. Just come by it honestly.